The Exelar---“The Newburgh Conspiracy” CD


"If you like fast, aggressive music with political intelligence, this CD is to not miss." 5 out of 5

“The Newburgh Conspiracy” Track Listing

01 Bravo! Lucky Dragon #5

02 Bleedtruth

03 Alfred II

04 A Perfect Ending

05 Legacies

06 Reuptake Inhibitor

07 Blackface

08 License Plates

09 ABC on TV

With the ever present need for raw aggression in the New York City hardcore music scene, Exelar has arisen. They have created a unique sound that can only be compared to converge, and merged it with political intelligence. Focused on racial issues and the continuence of wealth feeding off the masses to create more wealth for themselves, Exelar calls for attention, that attention will hopefully ignite change.

Musically, this record is impeccable—fast and heavy while maintaining responsibility with their unique brand of witty lyrics, keeping you interested and leaving you wanting more.

Lyrically the album is filled with political intelligence while the band unites to belt out brutal vocals mixed and overlaid into the record.

Jamal explains, “We make music about what it feels like to be American. It hurts to be lied to. Being powerless and uninformed makes you angry. It tears you apart from inside. Once you start to make sense of our world, the next step is even more confusing. What can you or I do? I can only say that it started making a sporadic shrieking sound that got more insistent with time. The effort of keeping myself from imploding on what I can only call a spiritual level makes me exhausted from the minute I wake up. If you know what that means, our music is for you.”

Their song, “ABC on TV” is based on the NYU Fraternity incident at Washington Square Park in NYC. An NYU fraternity would play a game where one of the members would dress up and run around the park, while the other members would ‘'find the illegal immigrant.' People were outraged and protested it. The fraternity had their token non-white member defend the fraternity behavior. The lyrics are simple yet effectively belted out, while the chord progression is strong.

Highs: This album is filled with fast, brutal hardcore.

Lows: None.

Bottom line: If you like fast, aggressive music with political intelligence, this CD is to not miss."

Band members: Shared vocals; Purge– Bass; Jamal/Mike—guitar; Matt – Drums

Reviewed by Roya Butler on March 24, 2009