Mems Interview


A UK hip-hop lyricist emerging from the streets of south London, Mems is a force in the scene. As a pre-teen, Mems embraced the scene and was influenced by More Fire Crew, So Solid, and many more. His name is a metamorphosis stemming from 'Memory,' inevitably shortened to mems; that nickname given due to the stellar memory of this versatile lyricist. Mems is also an accronym for Motivation Equals Massive Success, which is no doubt a forshadow of Mems future.

His first mix CD was entitled 'The Begginning Of Mems,' and he has released a second mix CD entitled 'Ahead Of My Time.' He is currently in the process of recording his third mix. Throughout his songs, he refers to 'SHAGALANG' which means 'good,' 'heavy,' etc. At only 17 years old, the talented youngster continues to be consistent within his music, touching on controversial subjects with in his lyrics and music.

I got a chance to chat with Mems about his new mix CD, his songs, and his musical journey.

Please tell us what your song ‘I wish I could fly’ means to you. It’s a really positive song with a base of pain.

Mems: I wish I could fly means a great deal to me. I think everyone goes through stages in their life when they just want to get away, that’s why I feel people can relate to it. I’m not interested in selling the most CD’s or units, I just want to make an impact on people lives in some way; I’ve chosen to do that through my music.

Tell us about your song ‘Internet girls’ featuring Userboy.

Mems: *laughs* Internet girls is a song about girls that like to put up fake pictures of themselves on Myspace and other social websites and pretend it’s them. Unfortunately more and more girls are doing it these days, that’s why I chose to address it. Come on ladies, you are all beautiful in your own way—no need to pretend you’re something you’re not.

Is ‘Now you cheated’ based on a personal experience with that in your life?

Mems: unfortunately, yes it is... that song was just expressing how I felt in that particular time. I wrote it the same night I found out, actually.

Tell us about your journey thus far in the music industry.

Mems: well, I feel the music industry within the UK has gone crazy. Everyone’s making music for the wrong reasons, and not for the pure love of it. There’s no structure within the UK and most of the music sounds too much alike. That’s why I always try to be different in anything I do.

Tell us about your crew (Userboy, foxx, Aggro).

Mems: Basically our crew name is Shagalang. As you know, Shagalang means good, heavy, great, anything that is positive. Unlike other crews, we are very close as friends. This is the reason we work so well as a team; they can come to my house, go in the fridge, and eat everything in sight if they wanted to, and vice-versa. That’s why my fridge is empty at the moment *laughs*.

What’s the scene like in South London?

Mems: It's not as out there as other areas of London, but there is some great talent here. I’ve lived here all my life; I always represent where I come from—big up all my peoples from south London, reach for da stars. dun kno.

As you blow up, do you notice more attention on you from press, girls, and people in the industry as a whole?

Mems: *laughs* yea, but I’ve always kept grounded cause of my family and friends. It comes with the name, I guess—but I wouldn't change it for nothing.

How does it change your perspective?

Mems: Hmm, it doesn’t really for the simple fact that I keep humble; I’m thankful for the position I’m in at the moment.

What are your musical aspirations?

Mems: Well, to empower people and make a change for the better. Make quality music and help others come into the industry.

Tell us about your new release.

Mems: I’m going to be releasing my next mix CD--soon to be titled. I look to push my crew out so everyone can hear something new.

Last words? Any Big Ups?

Yeah, I want to big up everyone from South London.. dun kno.. everyone from London and the UK as a whole... big up Aggro, Foxx and User (my brothers)... Look out for our mix CD. Big up everyone supporting me and big up Roya for giving me a chance to express my views... Everyone stay focused and reach for da stars...

Interview by Roya Butler