Interview with MC Aggro


Just five years ago, at age 13, Aggro bought his first music production software and vowed to become a household name on the streets of London. He built himself a studio and started creating beats for MCs, singers and songwriters, making Grime music for MCs, and Hip-Hop/RnB tracks for rappers and singers. Multifaceted, Aggro is well known for playing the keyboards, drums and guitar on all of his productions.

Inspired by the host of UK lyricsts he worked with, Aggro picked up the mic himself, performing at venues such as The Works (Kingston), Sound (Leicester Square), Bar Rhumba(L,S), Skala(Kings Cross), and many more venues across the UK. Aggro widely expanded his fan base with his successful tour of the Midlands and the airing of his video “Free Yard” on MTV’s Channel U, which ranked number one in its third week and remained in the top three for over three months.

Strong willed and majorly talented, Aggro intends to build on his reputation and fame by releasing product and merchandise through his company Shagalang Entertainment. His music can be heard on

I got a chance to interview Aggro and chat about his new video, inspirations, and future projects.

Where did you get your tage ‘Aggro’ from and what does it mean?

Aggro: Aggro means To aggrovate, annoy irritate someone, My tag goes all the way back to school days wen all i would do is give people Aggro. I was one of the smart but rebelious students. Eventually people jus started callin me that in school n wen i started mc'in i jus kept the name, This name goes a long way back so hold tite the "immitators"

What does ‘Shagga’ mean?

Aggro: S – Sexy, H – Humerous, A – Adorable, G - Go , G – Getting, A – Aspiring

If there was one question you did not want to be asked, what would it be?

Aggro: I aint got nuffin to hide, but obviously I wouldn’t be posting out my private life, that’s not included!

Does your tune ‘Free Yard’ highlight your outlook towards girls?

Aggro: hmmm, good question *laughs*. Free Yard was written when I was 15, so my views have long changed since then. If a girl takes the song offensively, she is being extreme. It's a funny tune exploring the whole stigma of boy versus girl attitude. Of course I respect women, as you can hear on some of my other tunes.

Describe your perfect girl.

Aggro: A perfect girl for me would be one who’s confident, smart has self respect and is also good looking. Race doesn’t matter, as long as they're attractive. They definitely gota be trustworthy too ,cos u kno how things are nowadays!

If you had a girl, would you take her to your shows?

Aggro: hmm, if I had a girl, I wouldn’t really like to bring her cos that’s attracting unnecessary problems. I’ve been in fights at shows over girls, and it’s all long stress. It depends on the show really, but I wouldn’t really want to bring my girl to a performance for her own safety as well.

You were in a 4 year relationship that ended in 2007. Can you tell us what you learned from it/how you’ve grown?

Aggro: It matures you in a sense, teaches you a lot about being with other people and also how to deal with certain life situations.

What inspired your song ‘Shoulda Known?’

Aggro: what inspired me to do Shudda Known is the whole thing about everyone being unfaithful nowadays. A similar story has happened to me before, so I made the concept and wrote a tune for it. I write mainly about my experiences!

Please tell us a little more about your mix ‘Tired of Being Here’.

Aggro: Tired of being here was a tune that I wrote when I was 17, when I was emotionally going through a lot. The best way for me to express myself at the time was writing that song!

How did you create Shagalang Entertainment, and what does it take to be a part of it?

Aggro: Shagalang is a catchy word Mems made up and because I and the members in Shagalang are such a tight family we decided to team up and call ourselves Shagalang Ent!

Tell us about your video out right now on MTV’s Channel U.

Aggro: The video is called Shudda Known, it’s a tune based on how faithful people actually are nowadays and how it can happen to anyone!!! Always be careful *laughs*.

A new school of thought believes that being a lyricist simply means knowing how to spit lines and producing tracks. In your opinion, is that all it takes?

Aggro: I think being an artist involves more than making a few songs and starting a Myspace, although that is a start. Being an artist, a REAL one, should involve the whole package: being able to write and concept songs, doing shows, and having good press and airplay. I do consider myself as an artist, as I incorporate all the above with my love for the music!

It seems that a lot of the talent emerging from the streets are now doing it for themselves, and have stopped thinking they need a record label to release the music. Tell us more about that.

Aggro: That is why we have so many artists because everyone has studio access everyone is making their music and this is why it’s becoming easier to get recognized without a record label. Everyone is doing it themselves out here!

Do you believe that looks helps you in the industry?

Aggro: I dunno. Look at 50 cent; he looks a bit merked but some girls think he is buff, so I dunno. In general it is said that good looking people do better and in a way it’s starting to become like that, cos having looks comes with the package, I suppose. I wouldn’t like to think that girls are only interested in my music for my looks, and not my talent as well.

What inspires your lyrics as a whole?

Aggro: wot inspired me to write lyrics is my own personal experiences n it’s a way to get things off your chest.

Who have you worked with in the past, and who do you aspire to work with in the future?

Aggro: I have worked with loads of people and the experiences were all very good and enjoyable. I’d say at the moment, maybe working with F.A.T, cos that’s been the most different thing I’ve done so far. People I would like to work with are people like: Cassidy, Kano, Dizzee, Luda, Timbaland, and loads of others that influence me.

If there was one person you could work with, dead or alive, who would it be?

Aggro: I think performing with Eminem would be a very good experience, I admire the guys creativity and think doing a show with him will be a good look, let alone a lot of promotion LOL!

If you could collaborate with anyone, for example NDUBZ, Lethal Bizzle, NAA, who would it be?

Aggro: I would like to collaborate with Dizzee Rascal. He’s keeping it original, and not a lot of people are. Hold tight his movement!

Tell us about your Brazilian heritage and the Samba influences in your music.

Aggro: Ever since I was five years old, I would bang little rhythmic patterns on drums; this developed my passion for samba which then went to guitar to then producing!

Tell us about Balham. What’s it like?

Aggro: Balham is home! It has its ups and downs. If you’re from there and you know everyone—it’s a nice area. It’s definitely a fast developing area in south London and has a lot of talent in there yet to be recognized.

Tell us about your show in Ghana over the Christmas break?

Aggro: It was amazing--my first time in Ghana. It was good to know that some people out there actually knew who I was. It was also good because people who didn’t know about me then got a chance to find out! Hold tight the city of Accra!

Your tunes are catchy, what is it that helps you create such a fun but fierce sound.

Aggro: I just have a good team behind me, and I listen to a lot of different styles of music, which reflects in my rap. I try to keep it as commercial, but real as possible!

Last words? Any Big Ups?

Aggro: Yes hold tight my brother Krome and hold tight Mems, User, & Foxx, Not to mention everyone else that believed in me from the start! THEY ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

Interview by Roya Butler, with injected questions by Aggro’s fans